Balsam flower cultivation

Balsam flower plant are found in almost every home of the country. Balsam flower cultivation method is very simple and it has lots of flowers on this tree. Plant grow in all seasons. In the rainy season it gives big and beautiful flowers in size. Balsam tree height is 1.50-2 feet or 45-60 cm There are flowers like this. Its stems are very soft and the plant are quite bushy. Its flowers are white, red, violet, pink and so on. Flowers are single and double. This flower is suitable for borders.
Soil and Climate: Soil and Climate: Fertile Frozen Soil is particularly suitable for flower cultivation. This is a big day for the flower, warm wet weather is necessary. But these flowers are damaged continuously and in the long run. Simultaneously extending 100-125cm Rainfall and 30-35 degree Celsius temperature are very favorable for the summer and rainy monsoon flowers.
Castes and Seasons:
Castles: Camellia and Balsam Rose Season of production is sown in June.
Land preparation and seed sowing

Land should be ready for land for the cultivation of quilt by creating 3-4 times the land, or by tilling a pods and ladders, and sprinkling the soil deeply and sowing softly and weeding. At present, two hundred metric weight unit of compost or dung plant food, three metric weight unit of bone, or single super phosphate are more to the soil with soil applied to each one hundred sq. meters. Then, the plot ought to be divided into 3-meter-long and one.5-meter-width little plots in such the way that irrigation and evacuation facilities are obtainable.

Tub is sometimes cultivated during a ten in. or twenty five cm diameter earth or cement basket. For this, the opening within the bottom of the bathtub ought to be broken by the pitcher or lined with brick items and unfold on dry spray. The leaves ought to be lined with a deep sand of 2-3 cm in it. the remainder of the bathtub ought to be stuffed with any of the subsequent mixes. Grinding loamy soil three %, foliaceous plant food one %, farm plant food one %, one hundred gram bone and fifty grams of khil or a combination of red soil two %, sand two %, foliaceous plant food two %, plant food two %, Late soil one %, one kg of charcoal powder and one hundred gram pineapple.

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Seed rate: Planting seedlings per one hundred sq. meters takes 5-6 grams of seeds.

Sowing of seed: Planting of spermatophyte seed in bed should be created.

Planting and Post-service:

Planting planting spermatophyte 8-10 cm If it’s large enough to boost one foot or thirty cm within the original soil. To be planted way or during a tub.

Fertilizer application and care: once regarding 15-20 days of transplantation, once seven days once the beginning of the plant, liquid plant food (10 hours of dough and raw dung are unbroken within the soil and kept in water). During the flowering, mixing 100 grams of super phosphate in every liter of the liquid will help to improve the colors and colors of flowers.
Irrigation of the water will dry and dry irrigation. When planting plant in the tubes, it is necessary to irrigate the soil.
Weed cleaning: The soil of the garden and tub dopaty soil should be suspended regularly and weeds should be removed.
Pest suppression: Therps, red spider, poison and drying insects can attack. Various types of diseases can be suppressed with appropriate pesticide medicines
Collection of seeds: Dopati flowers are cultivated throughout the year. Balsam flower is completely ripe and it grows and seeds spread. That is why before harvesting the seed is collected. Balsam flower culture ,Balsam flower cultivation  balsam plant disease , how to care balsam plant,  how to grow Balsam flower, Grow balsam at home, .

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