Budgerigars bird farming, bird farming as business

It is possible to earn an average of 100$ to 200$ per month from 20 pairs of Budgerigars bird farming. Only invest 400$ . Every single pair of birds gives birth to 1 baby every 2 months. Every year 4 to 8 babies are born. On average, 30 children per year grow. The new baby becomes mature in four to five months.
The cost per meal for every month is 50 rupees.in Budgerigars bird farming If you spend one pair of four months, then the cost is 200 to 300 rupees. The price of one pair of adult birds is between 2 and 3 thousand taka. The cost of the meal comes in the month of 00-300 taka. On an average, the average cost of a pair of adult birds is estimated at 800 rupees. There is a profit of 500 taka for all expenses.

If one pair of birds is available 15 pairs of children per year, the price of sale comes after the cost of Rs 150000.

20 × 7500 = 150000 ৳
On average one month income will come
150000 ÷ 12 = 12500 ৳

Just need patience and proper care for the celebration of this bird. If you do not take proper care, the desired result will not come. Vegetables should be given at regular times every day and the quality of food should be controlled.

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