How to make natural pesticides from the neem leaves

Creating natural pesticides from the neem leaves

Powerfull insecticides can be made from neem leaves. Here are the steps for making pesticides from the neem leaves. Pesticides made of neem leaves can be used to prevent almost all kinds of insects. In particular, beetles, white flies, bees, insects etc. Applying this natural pesticides is possible to produce complete poisonous and fruitful fruits by natural means. It is possible to make nitric acid from the seed of neem, oil made from seeds and its fruit, and this pesticide is possible.

Rules for making insecticides from neem leaves:
First you need to collect neem leaves and clean them. Then weighing 10 kg of leaves should be boiled with a needle of water in a container and boiling it should be covered with lid. Natural pesticides made After boiling, the leafs should be called 12 hours in the same way. After 12 hours, take a strainer to drain the nipple with boiled extract of water. Now the solution is ready to collect. The solution can be frozen and stored for 2-3 months.
If you want to make pesticides from the seed of neem first, first take the seeds. The rest of the rules and the amount will be the same.
Usage level:
When using 10 liters of water, the solution made from 5 to 10% is to be used. However, more attacks can be used if the pest attack is more. There is no side effect. If you use some amino acids with this mixture, then its effectiveness is greatly increased.

Using this pesticide made by natural means it will be possible to produce poisonous vegetables and fruits very easily. Many grow their fruits and vegetables by planting gardens in their own homes. But they do not want to use any chemical pesticides. So, using the methods described above, they can produce poisonous vegetables at home and on the roof by using pesticides from neem leaves.

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