Layer chicken farming

Layer chicken farming

At the time of taking eggs, they take an average of 3 rupees per day. If an egg price is sold at Tk 6 each, then a chicken from 4 months to 3 rupees a day. A layer of chicken is available at an estimated cost of Tk 500 a day and an amount of up to 100 rupees per year before the eggs are laid.

Like it comes out. Then they kept eggs for almost 500 days.
Returns like 1500 rupees in 500 days, now you have to calculate
1500-500 = 1000 Taka
With the exception of all the cost, a chicken gets profit of 800 to 1000 rupees in two years.
1000 chickens to make a farm
You have to invest from 2000 to 300000 taka

Potential Profit by Layer Poultry Farm:

It is possible to generate 1000 chickens from 80 thousand to 1 lakh in one season.

Layer chicken farm management:

Make a bed by spreading 3 inch thick skins on the floor and creating a house in high ground. To celebrate the day of a Layer chicken farming, arranging the girdle with a girdar right in the corner of the house should be arranged in order to keep the baby dirty. If the child is older then the girdar expansion will be bigger. After five months of age, chicken meal can not be given more than 110 to 130 grams. Keeping the arrangement of lighting for a five-month-old child should always be. Regular vaccine should be given. After five months the chickens will start laying eggs. After 12 months of eggs, chicken should be sold.

Marketing methods:

There are shops in the local market to sell eggs and chickens.

Eligibility to follow the layer:

You can train the workers. Layer chicken farming employee any worker who has experience in poultry training. If you want to manage the farm in a profitable way, then use the cage method and if you want to profit at least 5 thousand
Must teach chickens. You can experiment with one thousand hens in the beginning.

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