Mobile phone repairing business , business idea

Possible Capital: From 2000 to 100000 Taka


It is possible to earn as much as 10 thousand dollars as much as possible.

Prepared procedures and essentials:

Need lighting, cabinets and desks to arrange shops and business. These are the different types of mobile phone accessories, such as battery, caching, charger (auto and normal), airphone-headphones, memory card to buy at wholesale prices.Mobile phone repairing . To serve the customers according to the needs.

Mobile phone users are consumers. Ifyou wants to do Mobile phone repairing . you can take a shop around the showroom of the mobile, then it is better. People have to shop in such a way that they are more crowded. And if you are low on your pet, you can buy a small shop at a low price. In this case, you will get the rent of 2 to 3000 taka in the first place.
But in this case you have to work a little harder for marketing. You can deliver posters for marketing. Keep in mind that there is no alternative to marketing to maximize your business.

You can do a small course for repairing mobile phones, you can do it in freebies and you can also learn by spending two to three thousand rupees. You can learn the work even if a known service store works in the freeze for a few days. Keep in mind about all the phone’s phone accessories coming in the market.

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